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Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

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Car maintenance and repair must feature in day to day itinerary of car owners. Tending to your car on a daily basis is essential to keep it running for long, prevent major breakdowns or holdups. Car maintenance doesn’t have to be an expensive task or drudgery for there are many DIY car maintenance tricks that could be practiced easily and without towing your vehicle to garage.

One tip for car maintenance to be remembered is that, you must check the tires regularly. It has to be replaced immediately if you notice anything protruding or cuts on them. Any uneven spaced out tears and wears is a sign of disproportionate tire balance. Rotating the tires every 7500 miles and pumping up the tires only at the level prescribed. Click here for more information on car maintenance services.

One tip that should be remembered all the time is to check for seepages from clogged pipes as well as mufflers. Always make use of the recommended oil types and fluids for doing car maintenance. As you proceed to doing DIY car maintenance, be sure that the antifreeze level sticks always to the norm and that you are using only 50-50 mixture of water and antifreeze. Jammed breaks are also nuisance to every driver. To find out more on car maintenance click here:

In this case, make it a point that you’re not running short on brake fluid but also, stop short of overfilling.

The transmission fluid, motor oil checks and power steering fluid checks must be an imperative part of every car maintenance as well as repair regimen. Putting the transmission fluid through rigors of reality check by changing rapidly the gears so by that, any potential chinks in armor will be exposed. Changing the motor oil every 3000 miles or 3 months is highly recommended as well. A suggested car maintenance tip is to check the shock absorber every now and then. This can be done by putting the car through grinds and bumps. Shock absorbers must be replaced in pairs.

Windshield washer fluid reservoir must be full. One frequently overlooked car maintenance and repair task is cleaning the wiper blades and replacing them annually.

Last but not the least, you shouldn’t wait for the car to start sending warning signals. In the event that the car maintenance and repair job may be too late then, rather than having a periodic check on hoses and belts, exhaust clamps as well as supports, replacing them would be deemed necessary.

If you think that you can do all these DIY car maintenance tasks, then so be it. However, if you are lacking of the knowledge, skills or time, then let the pros do it. To know more on car maintenance and repair services click here: